Friday, 16 April 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

When I questioned the Authorities

I moved from London to Northampton ten years ago with my newborn baby. From the time, I came to Northampton; my family have faced abuse by the system where we live. It was bad enough being victimized because I am a Londoner who is 6ft flamboyant, dresses for the moment and is intelligent too; but my problems started when I questioned the Authorities about how investigations were conducted relating to complaints I made about my child concerns about a Mr X and her stay in nursery. From then on all hell broke loss, which led to my family being victimized further by youths and yobs for a number of years. The authorities left us to suffer, then prosecuted me instead of the yobs and took my child into care. Mr X still works with children, Northamptonshire County Council is not forthcoming with the truth.

My Child is a lovely girl who the Local Authority has scarred mentally and physically since she has been in care. This does not compare to the racial abuse my child has received from some of the professionals employed by the local authority, in particular social worker Laura Bonner. Laura Bonner spends her time abusing and intimating my child and District Judge Venables states that it is OK. There is more...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Northamptonshire County Council

Scarring this child received whilst in the care of the local authority. No explanation is given, apart from, punishing the mother and child for complaining.

“African children can suffer additional risk because of many cultural and traditional practices which are harmful. Example of such cultural practices include Female Genital Mutilation, using children as Domestic Servants, Widowhood and Inheritance rites, Child Marriages, reliance on extreme forms of Physical Punishments as ways of disciplining children as well as the belief in and practice witchcraft and the accompanying branding of children as witches or as possessed by evil spirits”. Source: Northamptonshire Local Authority, 5 October 2009 [9.15]