The unsettled question of malpractice or racial harassment?

Before my child is placed in care. It was planned a group of people met in an office and decided to remove my child from her mother for ever. The evidence is there is black and white.

Extracts from a letter from mother to Mrs Mahfoud of the ANTI RACIST ALLIANCE.

"Most importantly this is just an example of the misery my family have had to go through living in Northampton. There is so much more. The only thing that has kept my family together is that we have each other."

"Preparing this document is not easy for me because I never believed that my family have been experiencing is in fact racial harassment by the authorities in Northampton Town. Since my child started state school she has been assaulted by her head teacher and nothing was done about it, then I was left with no option to provide alternative education for my child. I had a brilliant time at primary school and I wanted to the same for my child. A year later I place back in state primary school the school would under mark her spelling test on a regular basis, then the following year my child's school teacher would ignore her when she would ask questions in class. I complained to the head teacher; then decided to withdraw my child the school. I had to think about my child's well-being. In both instances the two headteachers prejudiced my child's and I situation; with the support of social services. They used my child school file to accomplish this. There action was to cause harm to my child and I concerning her future education. If your organisation does not help me I will perish and my child will be left without a mother who dotes on her.

"I have decided to back to London handing myself over to the police because I fear for my family's life if we stay in Northampton. The fact of the matter is that my family have been hounded by the authorities since we have been here; with certain individuals being supported by the authorities as they have inflicted misery on my family's way of life. I am now aware that racism is so much higher here than it is in London and quite frankly in London my child will be able to enjoy a way of life where she is not hounded in the community and through her education by the authorities. I as her mother will be able to recover from the abuse and heal; most importantly I fear for my mental and physical well-being if I remain in Northampton especially when I am well aware that there is place called London; which we consider to be home and I can just get on with my life. I am making a request for you to help us when I render myself homeless because of racial harassment We are leaving for London this Friday."

"The Finally straw came when my family started receiving racist verbal attack from individuals in the community with the support of their family and friends, I tried to deal with it by begging them to stop. Then I involved the police, who just left us; I made a complaint to the chief commander. Eventually the police interviewed me by video link. I did not supply any witnesses because during all incidents no one helped us. When the police interviewed the main suspect she supplied names of loads of witnesses who were all her friends or people who associated with her, and had harmed my family's way of life. In the end I found out that some of those interviewed had never ever spoken to the police; but had indeed made complaints about her and her children always causing criminal damage to their cars or property. The police intentionally
contaminated evidence. All because I dared complain."

In the high court of justice Queen's bench division Northampton District Registry Godwell Vs Northampton Borough Council (libel and Slander) 10/11/04 – my claim for Reinstatement is dismissed. Deputy District Judge Chaudhuri gave me permission to appeal to the House of Lords. Full details to be proovided at a later date.

"By the prejudice of my family, the authorities influence on the well-being of my family has been unfair. The authorities in Northampton prejudiced my family's situation , they did something which makes it worse than it should be. They threw me a mental hospital and put my child in care. Concerning my child's education; Northampton County Council intended to prejudice the future development of my child and that of me as a parent who has a keen interest in my child's educational needs. At all times my actions have been without prejudice to an existing situation, my actions did not change or harm that situation."

"We need to recover from the monstrosity that the authorities have bestowed on us and. We have never been made to feel welcome here and being here just reminds us of all the negativity that has been directed towards us by the community, As a parent I must heal both mentally and spiritually this place Northampton town is the worst place I have ever lived in, this is not a home, not even a shelter."

ANTI RACIST ALLIANCE - some months before, I packed my bags with lttle one and arrived back in London.